Starting a new business requires a financial obligation. Sometimes this financial obligation is more than you have in your very own bank account. You may just need a few bucks to open the business or you may need the majority of the funding to start. Venture capitalist is another name for a lender. The differences in the lender and the venture capitalist are that the start-up company will pay the money back to the lender and will give part of the business revenue to the capitalist. Raising money to start a new venture is easy if you know where to look for the funding. Online companies are ready and eager to help with funding to help your business take off or grow.

A venture capitalist is usually investing other people’s money into someone’s business project.


The VC firm is responsible for investments such as the person that invests and watches over your IRA. Venture Capitalists have investors in a large network. They know what each company is interested in investing and how much they hope to recoup in return. Most of the money they are investing comes from people that are capable of losing or gaining. Their financial status is not the issue that will direct their investments. Most of these investors are looking for smaller more compact investments so they are not putting all of their eggs in one basket. They are expecting a good payback but they understand that you win some and lose some in life.

They usually want to be part of the business as well. Some desire and choose to have a say in the business and the way things are run. Others want to sit back and watch as their investment grows for them. The silent type investors are usually involved in several business ventures but like the “sharks” on “Shark Tank”, some love to be very much involved and love helping businesses reach their highest potential. Each dollar a business makes is one more dollar they have to split or reinvest.

People that are working as or with the venture capitalist are generally some people that have been in the same situation at one time or another. Jason Hope has been in business for a long time and he knows a lot about dealing with venture capitalists. Check out Jason’s Twitter. Typically, venture capitalists are part of another start up companies and are successful with the growth of those companies. The person or executive that is offering the capital for your startup will usually have some idea of how things are going to work. They usually have some type of idea how long things take to get started and get things going in the right direction of making money. Venture capitalists are sort of like the silent partner in the business. They want to know that their money is working for them but they are not going to be on your back constantly about what is going on. Venture capitalist is high on the net worth train. They are usually someone that has done great in school and usually in high structure jobs such as CEO’s and Directors positions.