What you need to know about Hydraulic jacks and machine skates

A lot of companies especially those dealing in construction, plants, operations, and factories need lifting equipment to shift large loads. Due to the huge tons of the products and machinery that these companies (htsdirect.com) need to move, human labor is almost impossible and uneconomical. These companies need very powerful equipment to help them move the large parts needed from one place to another. In this article, we will discuss two of the most used lifting equipment; Hydraulic jack and Machine Skates.

Hydraulic Jack

One of the most used lifting equipment in today’s world is the hydraulic jack (https://www.htsdirect.com/products/hydraulic-jacks/) . It can be adopted for use in a variety of settings and it is commonly referred to as the reliable hydraulic jack. This is because it can be used to perform almost all lifting functions. One of its critical advantages is the small compact size that allows it to operate even in limited spaces.

The hydraulic jack works by incorporating a plump plunger that forces, into a cylinder, an incompressible liquid like oil. This process together with the use of suction valve balls and a discharge valve build pressure, via a chamber, into the cylinder. This impressive pressure that is generated, is capable of lifting more than 50 tons. The hydraulic comes in different varieties depending on the type of job that you want to perform.

The hydraulic jack is used to lift are machinery in case an engineer needs to make a few repairs. It is also impressively used to lift building elevators during repairs and rescues in case of emergencies. The basic hydraulic jacks are used by mechanics when they need to lift a vehicle to conduct repairs and perform servicing.

Machine Skates

Machine skates are considered to be the perfect solution when you need to move heavy loads that have already been lifted by the reliable hydraulic jack. Now, machine skates can lift about everything from a standard car to a couple of hundred tons. The machine moving skates is ideal for when you need to move industrial size equipment and machines.

The machine skates work by generating pneumatic power by using compressed air (https://www.htsdirect.com/products/pick-and-carry-cranes/gb-series-mini-crane/) . When properly combined with the hydraulic jack, they are the best way to move and or lift heavy tons without any additional requirements. Yes, you could argue that one could use a forklift to perform this function. However, you do not need any specialized training to operate a jack and skates while a qualified forklift driver is required to operate the forklift. What of cranes or a similar system? Well, cranes require high ceiling spaces that you may just not have.

Machine skates, however, need some sort of steering implement to ensure they are safe particularly when you want to move very large machinery and equipment. The good thing about machine skates is that they are sturdy, require low-maintenance, and user-friendly.


Machine skates and hydraulic jacks are used for various functions in a lot of companies in today’s world. Since these machines can lift and move heavy loads, they have saved companies a lot of time and greatly reduced the labor costs. Contact your local Hydraulic Jack & Machine Moving Skates Specialists